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About Us

Collins Piano Tuning is a small corporation that is owned by Brent Collins. Brent has been a pianist from childhood and has acquired roughly thirty years of experience and training in music performance and theory.

Early in 2002, Brent developed interest in piano tuning and technology. In the course of three years, he joined the Piano Technician’s Guild and became a Registered Piano Technician. A Registered Piano Technician (RPT) is a member in good standing with the Piano Technicians Guild, and has passed a series of three exams. (Guild members that have not passed these exams are known as Associate Members.) These exams include a written exam, a tuning exam, and a technical exam. All three exams are challenging. The tuning exam includes aural tuning and proof of tuning stability, while the technical exam includes repair, vertical piano regulation, and grand piano regulation. There are many piano technicians that have been in this trade for decades and are still unable to pass any of the exams. Currently, Brent is the only RPT that resides in Rockford.

Not only is Brent an RPT, but he also became a Steinway technician when he completed Steinway’s Concert & Technical Strategies for Institutional Technicians Seminar in July, 2008. Brent is continuing his pursuit of Steinway excellence in January, 2009, and will attend Steinway’s Comprehensive Touch and Tone seminar at the Steinway & Sons factory in Long Island, New York.

In addition to tuning, repair, and regulating, Brent performs other services in piano technology. These services include restringing, pin block replacement, sound board replacement and repair, humidity control installation, action rebuilding, and refinishing. Brent can always be relied upon for his professional attitude and appearance, superior service, and commitment to excellence. These are the qualities that make Brent the best choice for piano service in the Rockford region.

Some of the more notable artists and organizations for which Brent has provided service include: the Rockford Symphony Orchestra, Steinway artists "The Five Browns," pianist David Syme, Steinway artist Alon Goldstein, Steinway dealer Steinway of Chicago, and Kawai dealer Grand Piano Haus.

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